Dividend Reinvestment

Dividend Reinvestment

Trustmark Corporation is pleased to offer the Investors Choice Plan, a voluntary Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase and Sale Plan (“Plan”) administered by Equiniti Trust Company, LLC (EQ). Under the Plan, shareholders will have the ability to reinvest their Trustmark cash dividends directly into Trustmark common stock. In addition, shareholders and first time buyers will have the opportunity to purchase and sell shares of Trustmark common stock directly through EQ. These and other transactions can be completed by mail, telephone or online using EQ’s website. Some advantages of using the website are:

  • Online enrollment through EQ at www.equiniti.com
  • Purchase shares with voluntary optional cash payments
  • Request the sale of all or part of shares owned
  • Online review of account balance
  • Online review of account history

Once enrolled, participants will have access to a dedicated toll-free number to process transactions. The Plan also allows participants to deposit their Trustmark stock certificates for safekeeping or sale. EQ will purchase and sell shares daily whenever practicable, but will purchase and sell at least weekly. These are some of the low cost transaction fees under the Investors Choice Plan:

Dividend Reinvestment 2% to a max of $2.50 for each investment
Purchases $2.50 per transaction
Sales/Terminations $15.00 per transaction, plus commission
Safekeeping Deposit $7.50 per transaction if without sale
Commission on Buy/Sales $0.10 per share

Please download and read the Investors Choice Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase and Sale Plan brochure for further details regarding the plan.

Participants of Trustmark’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan prior to November 1, 2010 were automatically enrolled in the new Investors Choice Plan effective the same date. You may change your participation in the new Plan by notifying Equiniti Trust Company, LLC.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the service EQ provides. If you have questions, please call the Plan Administrator toll free at (877) 476-4393. We hope that you will take full advantage of these new and exciting services.